Music Box Tune Samples
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There are currently 50 + tunes available - please email for a list.


Sample Clips (30 seconds 470KB each) :

Aces High March

Je Vous Aime Et J'En Meurs Waltz

Juli Serenade

La Paloma

The Merry Widow Waltz

New York, New York

Tales From The Vienna Woods

Valencia !


Full Length Tunes :

Aces High March (3.6 MB)

Je Vous Aime Et J'En Meurs Waltz (1 MB)

Juli Serenade (1 MB)

La Paloma (1.5 MB)

The Merry Widow Waltz (1.9 MB)

New York, New York (1.2 MB)

Tales From The Vienna Woods (4.2 MB)

Valencia ! (1.6 MB)


Technical Details

Teanola Reed Organ

Movement Size

Length of Tune (Air)
(without repeating tune)

Total Playing Time (by repeating tune)

14 Key Hand Cranked Reed Organ

Perforated music books generally last between 1 to 5 minutes each depending on the tune.

All day if you have the energy ! Just keep putting music in & cranking the handle.