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Carousels of Distinction

Carousels of Distinction, an exquisite collection of finely made musical carousels, musical carousel water globes & snow globes for collectors of all ages.

Magical Music Boxes

UK Luxury Music Boxes & Music Box Gifts
Luxury Music Boxes, Swiss Music Boxes, Jobin Music Boxes, Reuge Music Boxes

Exquisite Music Boxes

Our Mail Order Website selling Musical Boxes, Musical Jewellery Boxes, Musical Collectibles, Mechanical Music, Novelties & Gifts including Jewellery & Kaleidoscopes.

Discover mechanical or automatic music on the internet with an agenda of events (festivals, exhibitions, etc.), a listing of associations (ca 30 in the world) and museums (ca 200) dealing with mechanical music, and many links

AAIMM - Association des Amis des Instruments et de la Musique Mécanique (Association of Friends of Mechanical Musical Instruments) French society promoting & enjoying all kinds of mechanical musical instruments.

N. J. Dean Perforated Music

Perforated Music for Mechanical Organs, Fairground Organs, Barrel Organs, Street Organs, Dance Organs, Mechanical Music, New arrangements made, music punched to order. Also offers a range of jewellery boxes & music boxes

Mechanical Music, Dealers & resources

The Musical Box Society
Of Great Britain

The aim of the Society is to further an interest in and an appreciation of all forms of mechanical music. The Society Publishes a quarterly journal devoted to all aspects of mechanical music.


The Fair Organ Preservation Society is an international organisation dedicated to promoting fairground organs and other mechanical musical instruments.

Het Orgel

Europe's oldest magazine on Organ Art: het ORGEL [i.e. the ORGAN] is a magazine of Dutch origin. In order to provide not just Dutch organists and musicologists with the quality information on the European Organ which is the hallmark of het ORGEL for more than 100 years now, this Internet site contains English summaries of articles published in het ORGEL.

Melvyn Wright Mechanical Music Arranger

The Busker Organ Website

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