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Sliding Stopper
Some larger movements have a lever mechanism attached that will automatically stop them playing when the tune is finished. At the end of the tune, as the cylinder turns, a hole in the main gearwheel lines up to allow a lever to slot into it under spring tension which then pulls the lever towards the butterfly wheel to touch it to stop the movement from playing. The sliding stopper slides this lever mechanism over to release the gear & butterfly wheel so it can play again. If the stopper is slid and left over one way the movement will continue to play all the tunes. Once the slide is returned, the movement will stop at the end of the tune it is currently playing. To fit these, a recessed slot is normally needed on the inside of the box to act as a small channel for the slide to run in. The large flat spring keeps a tension on this slide to give a smooth action.

The lever comes in one length with 3 holes for the button thread to go through to help positioning. If necessary the lever can be cut & bent to lengthen the right angle section. There are two button lengths available.

Approx Sizes :

Slide Lever : 10cm long with 1.8cm right angle bend (3 7/8" with 5/8" bend)
Button Length : 23mm

Order Code : MBM Sliding Stopper
Price : £6.95 each


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